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We are the leading lifestyle disease reversal centre.

Welcome to Health Easy, your partner in reversing lifestyle diseases and achieving optimal well-being.

At Health Easy, we specialize in helping individuals reverse lifestyle-related issues such as diabetes, overweight, high blood pressure, PCOS/PCOD, high cholesterol, and fatty liver. Our dedicated team of experts is passionate about empowering you to reclaim your vitality and live a healthier, happier life through personalized, evidence-based strategies.

Take the first step today by exploring our services, learning more about our approach, and connecting with our passionate team. Together, we will create a personalized roadmap for your health, empowering you to thrive and embrace a lifestyle that fuels your vitality.

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Break free from: Empowering You to Conquer Diabetes!


Transform Your Body, Shed Pounds, Gain Confidence.


Unlock Your Heart's Potential: Reclaim a Cholesterol - Free Life.


Defeat PCOD, Reclaim Your Feminine Power!


Take Control of Your Blood Pressure: Rediscover a Life of Vitality!


Revive Your Liver, Reclaim Your Health


We are the leading lifestyle disease reversal center

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8+ years of experience


1000+ happy & satisfied patients


Educated 25+ Lakh people on healthy lifestyle


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Dr. Rajender Ramagiri

MBBS, FCCS(USA), (MEM) General & Lifestyle Physician

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The ability to reverse type 2 diabetes varies among individuals based on their overall health. Co-existing conditions like high blood pressure or high cholesterol can affect the likelihood of reversing the condition. Factors such as age, diabetes history, and medication type (oral or insulin) also contribute to the outcome.

The Healtheasy program has shown success in reversing type 2 diabetes for many individuals. While it cannot guarantee a complete cure, it offers comprehensive support, including frequent consultation, live guidance, customized plans, and result-producing tasks, significantly improving the chances of reversing type 2 diabetes.

The Healtheasy program stands out with its frequent one-on-one check-ins, continuous glucose monitoring, high-quality doctor consultations, live coaching sessions, comprehensive diagnostic testing, personalized meal plans, and access to a supportive health community. It offers a comprehensive and effective approach to reversing lifestyle diseases.

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